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1.An athlete has 6 track and 6 field medals awarded in different events.In each kind of medals,there are 3gold ones and 3 silver ones.He selects 3 medals of each kind to take photos.Suppose there are at least 1 gold and 1 silver medals of each kind in the selection. (a)How many ways can be select? (b)Assume there are only 2 silver medals in the selection.In how many ways can the selection be arranged in a row if (i)medals of the same kind are placed together, (ii)medals of the same colour are placed together. (c)Among those arrangements in (b)(ii),how many of them have a particular gold medal in track and a particular gold medal in field adjacent to each other? ————————————————————————————- 2.Tim has interest in watching 4 swimming events,3track events,5 ball events and 2 gymnastic events in the Olympic.Owing to his budget,he can only afford to watch 4 events.In how many ways can he book his tickets if he chooses 2 ball events and 2 events of different kinds?