Mathematical Database – Our Aim

In the past, ‘Mathematical Database’ existed as a personal website, in which the webmaster shared his mathematical resources (mainly notes) produced during his secondary school years. With enthusiastic support, the website recorded over 60,000 hits in less than two years’ time. In view of this, the webmaster decided to build a large-scale mathematics website. ‘Mathematical Database’ is now formally registered as a non-profit organization.

With the aim of providing a rich resource of mathematics on the Internet, we constantly strive to improve the content of the website by updating the website with a variety of mathematically-related educational resources. They include a comprehensive set of notes ranging from elementary to advanced topics, a “Math Gallery” containing a collection of interesting mathematical graphics, and a “Geom Lab”, which enables one to construct and explore the fascinating properties of different geometric objects.


On the recreational side, we have a “Math Funland” with humorous mathematics comics and challenging mathematical games. There is also a section of “Math Articles” with stories on the historical development of mathematics, and articles on the applications of mathematics in our daily life.


One special feature about the materials on our website is that they are not examination-oriented. Rather, the website is designed to encompass topics which we believe secondary students should learn, despite that some of those may be excluded from the present school syllabus. Thanks to the frequent participation of many of our members in mathematical competitions, many examples and exercises from the notes are taken from various competitions all over the world. We believe that these thought-provoking questions will help cultivate students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Another highlight of our website is the “Math Forum”, where users can discuss mathematically-related issues and exchange opinions with other math-lovers.

In order to fulfill our mission of promoting mathematics and mathematics education, we have organized competitions for students to apply their mathematical knowledge and to bring their creativity into full play. These include the mathematics essay competition, mathematics comic competition and website resource competition. In the foreseeable future, we hope to expand the scope and forms of our competitions so as to encourage a wider range of mathematical brainchild.

We have come across quite a lot of difficulties in the process of our work, including issues concerning copyright, translation, manpower, server, experience, etc. Here we would like to thank the following persons and organizations for their continuing support to ‘Mathematical Database’.

  • Prof AU Kwok Keung Thomas (Department of Mathematics, CUHK)
  • Prof CHENG Shiu Yuen (Department of Mathematics, HKUST)
  • Dr CHEUNG Ka Luen (The Hong Kong Institute of Education)
  • Mr FUNG Ping-yu Michael
  • Prof LI Kin Yin (Department of Mathematics, HKUST)
  • Prof SIU Man Keung (Department of Mathematics, HKU)
  • Department of Mathematics, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • Mathematics Society, Department of Mathematics, the University of Hong Kong
  • Pui Ching Middle School
  • The Mathematics Department, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Crew of Mathematical Database
Chan Kin Hang
Chan Ying Ying BSc – Mathematics (CUHK) (2009)
Chau Suk Ling BSc – Mathematics (HKU) (2005)
MPhil – Mathematics (HKUST) (2007)
Cheng Man Chuen BSc – Mathematics (CUHK) (2004)MPhil – Mathematics (CUHK) (2006)

PhD – Mathematics (Stanford University) (2011)

Cheung Yuen Lam
Cheung Yun Kuen BSc – Mathematics and Physics (HKUST) (2007)
Chim Kok Chi BEng – Electronic Engineering (HKUST) (2000)MPhil – Electronic Engineering (HKUST) (2002)

MPhil – Mathematics (HKUST) (2005)

Fan Wai Tong BSc – Mathematics (CUHK) (2003)
MPhil – Mathematics (HKUST) (2005)
Director of Curriculum Design, Profound Education

才博教育課程設計總監 (2006)

Fok Chi Kwong BSc – Mathematics (CUHK) (2007)
Fong Hau Chun BSc – Actuarial Science (HKU) (2008)
Hui Jack Queen’s College (2007)
Hui Linda
Ko Hong Fu BSc – Mathematics (HKUST) (2002)MPhil – Mathematics (HKUST) (2004)

PhD – Mathematics (University of Southern California) (2011)

Kwok Sze Ming BSc – Architecture (CUHK) (2006) Architectural Trainee, RoccoDesign Architects Ltd. 許李嚴建築師事務有限公司


Law Ka Ho BSc – Mathematics (HKU) (2003)MPhil – Mathematics (HKU) (2005)

PhD – Mathematics (HKU) (2008)

Member, International Mathematical Olympiad Hong

Kong Committee (2003-)

Lee Ka Yee BSc – Mathematics (HKU) (2009)
Leung Ching Man BSc – Actuarial Science (HKU) (2007)
Leung Man Kin BSc – Mathematics and Physics (HKUST) (2008)
Leung Wai Ying
Li Ching Man BSc – Mathematics (HKU) (2005)
MPhil – Mathematics (HKU) (2007)
Pun Ying BSc – Mathematics (HKU) (2009)
Siu Tsz Hang BSc – Mathematics (CUHK) (2006)
MPhil – Economics (CUHK) (2008)
Tse Shu Tong BSc – Mathematics (CUHK) (2008)
Yuen Chun Pong BSc – Physics (HKUST) (2008)