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“Math Forum” is the discussion board of “Mathematical Database”. It is intended for mathematical discussions among members. The Forum adopts an English interface and supports Chinese and LaTeX. To participate in the discussions in “Math Forum”, users must first register to become a member. To register, simply click the “Register” link and fill in the required information.

The “Math Forum” is divided into seven discussion boards. “Test Forum” is for users to test posting messages; “Updates and Announcement” is reserved for announcements by “Mathematical Database”; “Mathematical News” is for report and discussion of mathematical news; “Maths Competitions” is for discussion of problems in mathematical competitions; “Advanced Maths” is for discussion of mathematical topics at university level or above; “High School Maths” is for discussion of mathematical topics at high school level; “Junior Maths” is for discussion of mathematical topics at middle school level. To maintain proper functioning, “Math Forum” adopts a system of membership registration and forum administrators.

“Math Forum” rules

  1. Messages posted should be mainly about mathematics. Indecent language, personal attack and copyright infringement in any form are strictly prohibited.
  2. Meaningless or repeated identical messages are not allowed. Users should make good use of the Test Forum and Private Messages.
  3. Users may only apply and own one account. Any attempt to pretend to be another person or personnel of an organization is not allowed. “Mathematical Database” reserves the right to ban any account name that might cause confusions or misunderstandings.
  4. No commercial advertisement is allowed except those involving the promotion of websites, news and activities related to mathematics.
  5. Users have to bear responsibilities for their own messages. “Mathematical Database” is not liable to any legal claim that may arise from the messages posted in “Math Forum”.
  6. Administrators of “Math Forum” reserve all rights to edit or delete any message.
  7. Should there be any enquiries or suggestions concerning the above rules, please e-mail

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