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2) A circle passes through the point (0,-1).If the circle touches the line x-1=0 and y-1=0, find its equation. 3) Find the equation of the circle with centre on the x-axis and touching the line 2x-y-1=0 at (1,1). 4) Find the equation of the circle which passes through the points(-2,-1) ,(4,-1) and the x-axis. 5) Find the equations of the circles which touch both the coordinate axes and the line 3x+4y-12=0. 6) PQ is the chord of a circle of length 2 units and the centre of the circle is (-2,1).Find the equation of the circle if the equation of PQ is x+2y-5=0.

Still don’t understand how to calculate………..

1+1= 2 or 1+1=11 (rejected)