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Question 1: The line x+y=2 and the curve 3x^2+y^2=6 intersect at A and B.M is the mid-point of AB.Find the equation of the straight line through M and perpendicular to AB. Question 2: P divides A(-2,2) and B(4,6) in the ratio of r:1.Find the value of r if OP is perpendicular to AB. Question 3: Find the ratio in which the line segment joining A(3,1) and B(-1,3) is divided by the straight line x-y+1=0. Question 4: The area of a triangle bounded by L1,L2 and L3 is 4 square units. where L1: x+y=2 L2: x-y+c=0 L3: y=1 Find the 2 values of c. Question 5: The foot of the perpendicular from the vertex A(2,-3) of triangle ABC to BC is (3,-8). a)Find the equation of BC. b) If B is (-2,-a) and angle BAC=90(degree), find the coordinates of C._________________

1+1= 2 or 1+1=11 (rejected)